The Association

Trauma4Good association was founded in 2018 by Oren Or Bittoun, an anti-terrorism undercover unit veteran of the IDF, who was diagnosed with army related PTSD.

The goal of the organization is to help all veterans of the armed forces and rescue teams in Israel who has PTSD, with a wide range set of financial, professional and medical tools, by connecting them to high-level professionals in those fields.

We also strive to help veterans get the help they need and deserve from the state of Israel.

Another goal of our organization is to help families and communities of the victims to serve them better by setting up the right environment to ease the victim’s re-entry to society as a full and productive individual.

Finally, we aim to change the national awareness to the problem and would like to be proactive in changing the laws and regulation in order to enable the state of Israel to give more effective treatment to veterans with PTSD.

Our motto: PTSD – Prevent, Treat, Support, Donate.