(Maj.Gen.res.) Danny Yatom, President Of The Association

Danny Yatom was born on March 15th, 1945 and raised in Netanya, Israel.
Mr. Yatom went on to have an extensive military and security career. From 1963 to 1996, he served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), where he served as a fighter and officer in the IDF’s most prestigious units and positions. In 1963 Yatom started his service in Sayeret Matkal (Chief of Staff Reconnaissance Unit), Israel’s most secretive and prestigious commando unit. Where he earned the Citation of Distinguished Service (the IDF’s third highest decoration for battlefield bravery) and later served as the unit’s deputy commander. Yatom ended up rising through the IDF’s ranks and taking up key positions within the IDF. Including Commander of the 401st Armored Brigade, Head of Strategic planning, Military Aid to Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin (z’”l)and IDF head of Central Command; rising to the rank of Major General.

After retiring from the IDF, Yatom later served in key security positions in the Israeli Government and security services. Serving of the Mossad from 1996-1998, Chief Security Advisor for PM Ehud Barak from 2001 to 2003 and served as a member of Knesset for the Labor Party from 2003-2008. Yatom’s alma matter was at the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he earned his B.A in mathematics, physics, and computer science.

Oren Or Bitton, Chairman and Association Founder

Oren Or Biton, 49 years old, married + 4, is a fighter and former commander in the infiltration unit of the Judea and Samaria Israeli Border Police (MAGAV), who suffered battle shock during his military service. Oren defines the defining event of his battle shock in the battle in Jenin in August 1992, where his revered commander and founder of the unit, the late Corporal Eli Abram was killed before his eyes . When he was released, he could not rest, and for years he suffered from the severe side effects of post-trauma and battle shock, without being treated.
Only after, during a memory flash of that never-ending battle, he almost strangled his daughter Stav to death, Oren went to treatment, was recognized as a battle shock victim and began to rehabilitate himself and his life. Together with a partner, he opened a luxury hair salon in Herzliya Pituach, and at the same time began an activity for the victims of the war shock in Israel.
Oren published his book “Explosive Barrel” in Hebrew and English in 2017, lectures about his story to officers, security and rescue forces, students and the general public, and tries to help the victims who constantly turn to him for advice and guidance. Oren played a central role in establishing the lobby for the victims of battle shock in the Knesset in 2018, and in the last quarter of this year he also founded the “Trauma4Good” association, in which he serves as the chairman.

Mark Sluszny, Board Member and Vice Chairman

Mark was born in France on 03/19/68, he is married + 2 children. He immigrated to Israel as a child (1974) with his late father, a senior doctor by profession. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the department of behavioral sciences at the University of New Port, USA, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the multidisciplinary department of social sciences at the Emek Jezreel College and has a Master’s from the Department of Political Science majoring in military, security, strategic intelligence and cyber at Bar-Ilan University, a graduate of the Haifa University Directors Course.

Mark served in the military at the beginning of the first intifada in the infiltration unit of the Judea and Samaria Israeli Border Police (MAGAV) as a white fighter and after his service permanently served in the medical corps. In the reserves he performed many command positions and among other things was the head of the funeral team of the valleys area. He was discharged with the rank of lieutenant. Today, Mark serves as a shooting guide for current and former security officials, in an emergency he is recruited into the MDA formation as a MDA representative at the Emek Hospital/MDA liaison officer through the Ministry of Labor.

Mark is a social activist in a number of different organizations such as: Magan David Adom for over 40 years as a senior operator in emergency medicine (selected by the organization for the outstanding volunteer of the Gilboa area for 2014), a Lotar instructor in the task team of the Israeli Border Police in the North , Security Officer for the Overseas delegations of the Zikrhon Menachem organization (an organization that treats children with cancer), and in firefighting and rescue assists the national security system.

Mark has training, extensive experience in the security field and as a guide who guided generations of security guards in Israel and in projects overseas.

Today Mark works at the Electric Company in the position of head of the training of security guards in the national security unit.

From his many years of acquaintance with the chairman of the association, Oren asked Mark to help and take part in the establishment of the association.

Rachel Laniado – CEO of TEVEL

Rachel Laniado is a resident of Holon, mother to three children.

I served as the CEO in the public sector, with the national Yad Lebanim organization, the representative organization for memorializing fallen soldiers in Israeli conflicts and the handling of bereaved families, for 12 years.

Within the framework of my role I managed a large operation which included management of 64 branches nationwide alongside management of the organization’s international relations and I was a leader for growth by the activity.

Senior management of manpower and for over one thousand volunteers, alongside leading management in organizational relations in the government ministries, the Knesset, authorities and councils and with the Jewish communities overseas.

Promotion of policies and legislation in the Knesset for the welfare of the bereaved families, which included projects with numerous interfaces and branding and design of the foundation as a leading and recognized organization

At present I am serving as Deputy CEO for marketing in a company for development and real estate that in engaged in a variety of fields.

I have been involved, during all my working life, in significant social and community activities which increases our social strength as a society and as a state.

Lior Azoulay

Vice President of Operations and Logistics

Adv. Shay Volovelsky

Born in Israel in 1965, married and father of three. Lieutenant Colonel in the IDF reserves. Shay earned a LLB degree from Essex University in England and a masters degree in law (LLM) from Tel Aviv University, with a specialty in commercial law. Adv. Volovelsky is primarily engaged in the fields of civil-commercial law. Currently, he coordinates all of the legal services for several large institutions that provide services in the fields of family wealth management, family office management and intergenerational wealth transfer.

In addition to his active practice of law, he is engaged in several volunteer activities and during 2018 he was a partner in the foundation of the Association, in establishing its activities and accompanying its management in all its activities.

Adv. Volovelsky, is the legal advisor of the Association.